Dream Rounds, Inc.

Our coveralls, covered with awareness ribbons placed in recognition of people who are landmarks in the lives of the people who place them there will be a visible tool with which we interact with the community.  They were first worn in a walk up theMt. Washington Auto Road with ribbons recognizing people who had succumbed to disease, people who are still fighting disease,  people who have fought and won against diseases......., veterans, teachers, coaches.......nurses, volunteers........actual physical landmarks.....we want people to ask themselves, who are the people who have impacted my life positively and helped build a sense of community?  What are the things in my community that have impacted my life positively?  How can I support people and organizations that have positive impacts on their neighbors and the overall health of their community?  How can I become a "landmark" in my own way and be a contributor to, and supporter of, my community?

Our Mission

The primary Mission of Dream Rounds is to support the fight to end all types of cancer with a focus on childhood cancers.  In working towards achieving that Mission, we believe that it can, and will, best be accomplished through the strength of community. Thinking, empathetic people, people who feel a sense of community, understand that causes don't exist in bubbles.  There is overlap and intersection among those who benefit from the range of causes and those who support the range of causes.  . 

So, as we build the structure to be a strong fundraising entity in the fight against cancer, along with our coveralls we use the power of photography to recognize volunteers within the whole range of causes, without whom nothing is accomplished, We use photographs as a tool for people to connect, to provide a smile or a photographic "hug" for people who need one.     

You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. 

                                             John Wooden

The Coveralls

Dream Rounds, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3).

Our EIN # is 45-5273467. 

Donations to Dream Rounds are tax deductible.  .